Fuse Launch Expo Booth

Medium: Tradeshow Booth
Company: McKesson / RelayHealth
Agency: Acclaro (Atlanta)
Role: Design Direction, Experience Design, Exhibition Design, Motion Graphics, Visual Design
Tradeshow: Healthcare Information Management and Systems Society (HIMSS)
Year: 2017

Create a booth experience that behaves as an architectural canvas to showcase the Fuse identity while nurturing an environment where conversations of discovery and possibility would freely unfold.

Admittedly influenced by the futurist architecture prevalent in the 1960s, we sought to provide a space that would act less like a destination and more as a waypoint on a learning journey—something more like the experience of a departure lounge. It featured comfortable, dynamic seating, a concierge desk, and a refreshments bar complete with an attending server.

The booth's centerpiece, designed to be informative and entertaining, was the enveloping video board running up and over the main space. The vertical surface combined healthcare industry statistics, customer testimonials, and the Fuse launch video. The ceiling featured an ambient slideshow displaying the visual influences that were the foundation of the Fuse logo, paced in a Ken Burns style, on a 20-minute loop so that the casual viewer wouldn't experience monotony.

The Fuse booth at HIMSS 2017
Rear of booth detailing wraparound graphics and branding
Occupancy of booth during show
Booth previsualization (3D rendering courtesy of Acclaro)
Previsualization of rear, private conference areas (3D rendering courtesy of Acclaro)