Informatica Brand Refresh

Medium: Integrated Branding
Company: Informatica
Roles: Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Visual Design, Copywriting
Agencies: EDP, Inc. (product illustration), CG Creative Studios (event theming)
Year: 2022

My task was to analyze the Informatica brand's core aspects, plus elements from recent successful marketing campaigns, and align them into a refreshed, cohesive brand experience to invigorate customer engagement.

As a strategic design partner, I collaborated closely with Informatica's marketing department to develop an expanded design language that respects its past while engaging its future. The final concept aims to present the company with confidence and elegance that reflects its maturity in the enterprise cloud data management sector, equipped with enhanced brand components that would adequately differentiate itself in an ever-growing competitive market.

Informatica Brand Guide

Page gallery of the refreshed brand guide
Select elements from the refreshed brand guide

Expressions of the Brand

Web site homepage rendering
Indoor signage rendering
Landing page mockup
Branded social media tile samples
Brand styling used in social media posts
Office space mural rendering

Informatica World™ Logo

In addition to the primary brand, I had the opportunity to contribute to updating the logo for Informatica's annual developer conference, Informatica World. Past iterations of the logo utilized the Roboto font with the year of the forum added. For 2022, the team decided to drop the delineating year in favor of a reusable logo that would better brand the conference for a unique identity moving forward.

The visual strategy was to create an independent brand using graphic elements from the primary logo. The finished design combined the primary logo's wordmark portion accentuated with a bold variation of the brand font, Roboto. The new logo generated a dynamic, future-forward experience that could stand alone while still visually tied to the corporate brand.

Indoor billboard rendering
Logo variations for horizontal and vertical formats
Logo use in social media and web page settings
Event ID rendering
Outdoor billboard rendering