RelayHealth Logotype Redesign

Medium: Identity
Company: RelayHealth
Role: Creative Direction, Logo Design, Visual Strategy
Year: 2017

Update and reimagine an established, 17-year-old identity for a healthcare technology company that had moved into the modern era with new products and services that the existing wordmark no longer adequately reflected.

As RelayHealth invested more in its frontline business advisory services to support its newly launched  Fuse data platform, the brand desired to appear more approachable in response to a new landscape of competitors and marketing channels. To achieve this, we developed a new logotype with simplified letterforms that were softer, visually cohesive, and fluid. The new logotype's distinct silhouette didn't require an additional mark, simplifying it further.

Project Background

Launched in 1999, RelayHealth was one of a handful of companies providing web-based provider-patient messaging, among other healthcare-related information services. The logo, developed for their launch, managed to serve them through their corporate lifespan, even working to survive an acquisition by McKesson Healthcare in 2006. As the web evolved and more social media-centric and mobile channels arose, in addition to the natural evolution of an increasingly crowded market space, it was becoming more evident that the brand would benefit from a refreshed identity.

Original logo created in 1999
Wordmark construction
Final rendered wordmark

Logo Letterform Rhythm

Animation demonstrating shared letterforms and visual rhythm in the wordmark
relayhealth-05_logo variations
Wordmark variations (clockwise from top left: standard logo, reversed, one color, watermark)
Motion logo bumper for presentations
Mobile app and social media avatar icon