Bell Canada Retail Experience

Medium: Retail
Client: Bell Canada
Agency: Boom Studios Architects
Role: Art Direction, Graphic Design, Environmental Design, Wayfinding
Year: 2008

Create a vivid retail experience targeting Bell's quickly growing digital-centric clientele and supporting their "Fill it with goodness" campaign around their in-store digital content filling stations.

Providing several visual treatments, I leveraged Bell's new brand identity elements to create product wayfinding and environmental murals to create to visually enveloping shopping experience that reflected their experience charter. The floor-to-ceiling murals were designed to be rotational, so the in-store experience could be updated as desired.

In-store rendering (3D rendering courtesy of Boom Studios Architects)
bell_canada-02_elevation concept_1
Elevation concept 1
bell_canada-03_elevation concept_2
Elevation concept 2
bell_canada-04_elevation concept_3
Elevation concept 3
Store rendering with alternate mural art (3D rendering courtesy of Boom Studios Architects)