Kubuntu Focus Product & Sales Site

Medium: Web
Company: MindShare, Inc. 
Roles: Creative Direction, Brand Strategy, Visual Design, UI / UX, Messaging, Copywriting
Year: 2020

Reimagine the customer experience for a Linux laptop company's product and sales site that would improve customer engagement, differentiate amongst competitors, and ultimately boost sales.

Informed by interviews with the Kubuntu Focus leadership team, competitive analysis, and understanding of their target audience, I designed a clear and coherent product and sales experience with an adaptable framework to meet its current and future growth needs. 

As a result, the Kubuntu Focus site experienced a 400% increase in traffic and customer engagement four months following the redesign.

Reinventing the Customer Experience

In preparation for the debut of their second-generation mobile platform, the Focus M2, the leadership team conducted an internal audit of their website. The need to level up their customer experience to stand out and better compete with an ever-growing market space became apparent through that process. The new site's success depended on investing in an engaging, informative web experience that would convert to hardware sales. Ultimately, the redesign process completely reimagined the site's informational and purchasing funnel aspects wrapped in a reimagined product brand experience that would challenge big players in the Linux laptop sector and those in the well-established PC laptop market.

The Kubuntu Focus home page and logo in early 2020

Product Information Pages


“Within two months of launch, we experienced a 400% increase in visitor engagement, including brand awareness growth across our marketing and social media communications. Thanks to his insight and execution, we exceeded our short-term goals and are prepared to meet future challenges with confidence.”

Michael Mikowski
Founder, Kubuntu Focus

Renderings for Feature Callouts


Checkout & Purchasing Experience