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Seven years following a McKesson-led rebrand in 2006, RelayHealth's marketing leadership decided that to better compete with an exploding marketplace of new competitors, they needed to revisit their brand experience.

Over several months, I reworked the core visual brand and tone by synthesizing in-depth competitive analysis sessions, interviewing internal thought leaders, design brainstorming, and user group testing. While the refreshed brand carried over some of its original styles (namely the logo), the new elements and presentation allowed it to stand out against the aggressive competition and better reflect RelayHealth's core mission values.


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Brand Activation


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Interactive touchscreen kiosk for tradeshows and conferences

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RelayHealth Solutions Folio

After finalizing the brand refresh, our first goal was to create a rapidly digestible and complete collection of informatic pieces that help customers navigate intricate and often confusing aspects of healthcare IT.  Primarily for use by sales teams at events and conferences, it was also targeted to act as downloadable content via direct marketing communications.

Working with a content strategy agency, I directed the visual and experiential design for a series of solution line briefs and an overview brochure that outlined RelayHealth's service offerings for new and existing customers. The final design of the folio successfully supported both print and digital acquisition.

Collection of print pieces: an 8-page brochure and three two-sided solution briefs
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Digital versions of brochure and solutions briefs
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The Engaged Patient eBook

Following the success of the Solutions Brief, the marketing team then determined a second-stage, profound knowledge booklet to inform and guide healthcare leadership on how RealyHealth's mission of building meaningful patient engagement experiences would profoundly impact their organizations. The final result was a 33-page guide titled The Engaged Patient

Working with my in-house team and supporting content marketing agency, the guide employed plain, concise language and supporting infographics outlining strategies and tactics that addressed common pain points for hospital and healthcare information exchange directors. It became the most downloaded electronic publication in RelayHealth's fifteen-year history within four months.

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