Disco Space Shuttle Logo

Medium: Integrated
Client: Disco Space Shuttle
Role: Creative Direction, Logo Design
Year: 2018

Capture the collective imagination of a local art & music community dedicated to providing state-of-the-art events for its followers.

Working with community leaders, I was inspired to blur the lines between logomark and wordmark to create a hybrid graphic that served as a singular symbol conveying the community's name. In addition to the full-form wordmark, I developed a distilled version that addressed the need for iconic representation with elements from the primary design.

Final wordmark


Inspired by the geoglyphs drawn in the Nazca Desert in southern Peru, I formulated a design centered around interpolative proportion that would tap into collective archetypes most often found in ancient tribal drawings and architecture.

It was important to give each word of the community's name equal presence, which led to the contraction and expansion of individual letter geometries to accommodate the collective whole in the wordmark. This approach visually financed the utilization of Gestalt design methodology to afford a cohesive and proportional solution that met the design thesis.

Wordmark construction
Wordmark render: shadow
Rendered version: galactic
Logomark rendering
T-shirt design
Motion logo and wordmark bumper for event promotional videos