Amazon Business

Reshaping Business Buying

Embracing creative license to differentiate the storefront experience for millions of customers around the globe

Amazon Business Campaign Storefronts


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Visual Design


Design a series of individually stylized storefront graphic templates to canvases to showcase targeted messaging and product placement for specific customer segments in global campaigns. Each campaign's visual style was encouraged to be highly creative and distinct from the parent brand, with the only required tether being the color palette.

Using each campaign's mission goals as a starting point, I created multiple distinct canvases that explored novel color blends and forms that respected the vibrancy and sense of motion inherent in the refreshed Amazon Business brand identity. This allowed hundreds of unique combinations, creating ample variety for each campaign's vast multitude of size formats.

Quantity Discounts Campaign


Quantity Discounts storefront graphics for website and mobile app versions


Quantity Discount graphic instance variations

Bulk Wholesale Campaign


Bulk Wholesale storefront graphics for website and mobile app versions


Bulk Wholesale graphic instance variations

“Chip branded multiple other Amazon Business feature campaigns such as Wholesale, Bulk Supplies, and more that were shown to millions of customers on the Amazon Business homepage. These designs had a unique style and creative vision have helped Chip stand out in our crowded B2B-design space but still align to the AB style guide, and his work consistently exceeds expectations.”

Raven Smith
Global Creative Director, Amazon Business

Business Prime Rewards Campaign


Business Prime Rewards campaign storefront graphics for website and mobile app versions


Business Prime Rewards graphic instance variations

Business Savings Guide Campaign

The Business Savings Guide is Amazon Business's go-to shopping area for business shoppers to navigate and access cost-effective options for their procurement needs easily. Because this curation is specific to the store, tying the visuals closely to the parent brand more than the other campaign visuals was important. Using variations of the motion line graphic elements as a starting point, a series of interpretative renderings were generated to supply the background canvases in the final designs. 


Business Savings Guide storefront graphics for website and mobile app versions


Business Saving Guide graphic instance variations

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