RelayHealth Patient Portal Launch Sites

Medium: Web
Company: McKesson / RelayHealth
Role: Creative Direction, UI/UX Design, Visual Design
Year: 2015

Connect with and inform the hospital network market space on the imminent launch of RelayHealth's completely retooled and redesigned patient portal.

Working with my in-house team, we created a series of web experiences to get the word out about the improved portal. We created a series of email marketing-driven landing pages, each with specific calls-to-action, including scheduling demos and downloading a comprehensive best practices guide on patient engagement. In addition, a more in-depth website was built to concisely introduce the features and benefits of the updated patient portal experience. The site experience and content were designed for rapid consumption, leveraging a two-minute introductory video on the home page.

Patient Portal Launch Website

Patient Portal Launch Website

Approach and Solution pages details
Resources and Schedule Demo pages detail
In-store rendering (3D rendering courtesy of Boom Studios Architects)
Site wireframing / content grouping

Patient Portal Launch Landing Pages

Patient Portal Launch
Landing Pages

Landing page series (from left to right): The Engaged Patient eBook offer, email updates sign-up, and portal demostration scheduling